by sandsmith50

So this is late even by my standards. I had sort of started to give up hope about writing a December post and in some ways that seemed like a fitting end to what I am pretty certain was the worst year of my life*.

And maybe that’s how I should have left it.

But very bizarrely my memory seems to have started working again; I was pretty much convinced that a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s was on the way but suddenly I am starting to remember names of things again. I have absolutely no idea why but in that spirit of remembering I thought I should try and finish off 2014.

So I went and saw a show at Wilton’s Music Hall. The venue is amazing and well worth a visit but the show was noting to speak of; so I won’t.

Another Xmas party came and went. It is quite surprising how much I have come to dislike Xmas parties. Reflecting in April with my newly resuscitated memory I am tempted to think that I have always hated them but on reflection I think I didn’t mind them so much when I was teaching. I think then there was a spirit of camaraderie which rarely got displayed publicly but it happened at Xmas parties and the drinking after. Since moving to work in an office I can’t see the point of them and would really prefer to avoid them.

Much more enjoyable was Henry IV parts 1 and 2 at the Barbican; though as usual with the history plays I was shocked by my lack of knowledge. My impression is that I should have enjoyed them more than I did, amongst Shakespeare’s best plays very well performed but I am afraid I just don’t get the whole Falstaff bit and ribald humour. I don’t think it is because I am a prude but whilst once my ear attunes to the language much of what Shakespeare has to say still resonates the humour doesn’t.

I started another walk. Having only done the first leg it seems a little rash to recommend it but I think I will take that risk. The Thames Estuary Path runs from Tilbury to Leigh I am not sure that it is beautiful but in the heart of winter there is something very soothing about the vast open skies that you see from the estuary, a great break from being cooped up indoors. There is quite a nice app that you can download for the walk which plays you little snippets of history at relevant points along the walk. Hoping to do the next stage of the walk sometime soon.


And of course it being December there was Xmas. I like Xmas. I hadn’t expected to like this Xmas but I did. I think my highlight was probably going to the pub with the children on Xmas eve and us all getting a tiny bit tipsy.

As it is or rather was the end of the year here with no real commentary is my track listing for 2014. If you have time to listen I hope you enjoy.

* Which just goes to show what a charmed as is on fortunate, life I have led up until now.

PS If this was a normal blog, e.g. at least somone one read it, then I would be asking whether you want me to blog any more. But as no one reads it then I guess it is really entirely my choise and all I need is some inspiration as as to what to write about.