by sandsmith50

Another month another visit to a car park (actually the same car park) to see some art. This time it was the The Ada Project by Conrad Shawross at the Vinyl Factory. The project is centered around the mathematician Ada Lovelace. She worked with Charles Babbage and is sometimes described as the first computer programmer as she wrote algorithms for Babbage’s Analytical Engine. I should really have known more about Ada Lovelace as one of the rooms at the Institute of Physics (where I worked for a while) was named after her. Anyway, the premise of the work is that a robot is controlled by Algorithms similar to those developed by Ada Lovelace, in effect the robot dances to her tune. But the actual music is written by musicians to reflect the movement of the robot thus reversing the normal pathway which tends to have the music leading the dance.

Sometimes this works really well, although perhaps it is hard to know what works means in this context. The video below is a live version with Mira Calix singing ‘to’ the robot. I didn’t see this live and although it looks more emotionally engaging I think the large numbers of people would stop you being able to see the shadows that the robt creates which was one of the things I particularly enjoyed.

I started playing snooker again, well perhaps that isn’t strictly true. I went to a snooker hall again for the first time in years. I used to go fairly often before I had a family, despite this I never got to be any good and things haven’t changed I am still no good. For a simple game it is really very difficult. Still despite my feebleness at it I found it really enjoyable, there is something rather magical about the low lighting and general seediness of the hall. The very brightly lit green baize and accompanying rainbow of balls makes the shadows that surround them all the more stark, and the thought of being punished to sit in these shadows while your opponent basks in the glory of the light seems very apposite. OK that’s quite enough of that.

Some musics, I can only think of really terrible snooker songs, so the following have no particular relation to this post.

Shia Le Bouf – Rob Cantor

Banks – This is what it feels like

April Showers – Abandon Ship