by sandsmith50

Up at the O2. In summary it is OK but if you really like seeing London from high up then there are better places to see it from. One of the problems is that London’s sky line is becoming a little Manhattan like so that from outside it is a bit two dimensional, you really need to be in and amongst the tall buildings to get a feel for how London works as a space. So I would go for the Monument as a day trip before the O2, or if you can get in then the BT Tower and CentrePoint are also very good. One nice thing about the O2 is that it does help in making sense of the Thames. My ‘orderly’ mind has a tendency to try and straighten the river and use it as a horizontal axis for determining North; in places this is a very bad idea!

Here is a pretty hopeless panorama shot


And here is my intrepid climbing companion


Later in September I had more city vistas to enjoy as following a rather interesting VET (vocational education and training) conference in Switzerland I spent the weekend in Zurich. Zurich was very pretty I thought although perhaps not a huge amount to do. My highlight was doing the planet trail, this is a walk along a ridge just outside Zurich, so you can catch an impressive Swiss train which climbs very steeply to the start of the walk near the Sun and then when you get a bit beyond Pluto 6km later you can catch a cable car back town to catch a train back to Zurich. It is a nice walk with good views over Zurich and towards the Alps. I should really have a bit of a feel for the dimensions of the solar system but it is still really surprising when you walk it to see how far apart the outer planets are and how tiny the planets are compared to the Sun. This has caused something close to complaints.

The Sun


The outer limits of the solar system


Instead of a proper rant this month I am just going to say iTunes. One busted computer later and a restoration of a back up I don’t seem to know what I was listening to in September. I can’t seem to find any Swiss related songs so …..

Well it was another birthday so from the mighty Altered Images (if there was any justice in the world I would have had Clare Grogen sing me Happy Birthday at least once),

And following the view theme

And to try and rescue this from another emo based posting. This is a sort of thank you to Clare and Paul for a lovely wedding, I still owe you a CD but see the comment on iTunes earlier! classic space

I seem to know very few space/solar system records so here instead is a song with physics in the title, and possibly it is my favourite of the 5 songs I have with physics in the title (suggestions of other contenders would be very welcome). It was by Plaid Dragon but maybe now it is by Ings, I am not quite sure how this works